How Solar Works

It's the simplest way to create sustainable energy, period.

Your Current Energy Sources are Archaic, Dangerous, and Costly

Fracking, nuclear, and coal extraction are the dominant energy sources for the United States. Only 12-17% of the country’s electricity comes from clean, renewable sources. We can do better to clean up the environment, lower dependence on utility companies, and save money.

Energy Companies Control Power Profits

Utility companies generate energy using wasteful and outdated sources. Consumers are essentially trapped:

  • No choice in the utility provider
  • No choice in power supplier
  • Can’t opt out of provider investment decisions
    • Example: Handling coal ash or investing in hydraulic fracturing instead of renewables
Cartoon image of solar panels and the grid
Solar panels convert sunlight to direct current electricity.
Inverter converts direct current electricity to alternating current.
Excess electricity generated by your panels is sent to the power grid.
Utility power is continuously provided when demand exceeds solar production.
There is a Better Way Forward

Solar Energy is Renewable, Clean Energy

Solar power works by converting energy from the sun into power. It is a renewable and infinite energy source – as long as the sun shines, energy will be released (yes, even on cloudy days!).

Read the 5 Steps to Solar →
1. Photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy.

These cells are treated with phosphorus and boron, two elements that give them positive and negative charges conducive to carrying an electric current.

2. Direct current to alternating current.

DC electricity becomes AC output when an inverter switches the direction of the current rapidly enough that it becomes AC power.

3. Solar inverters.

A solar inverter transfers converted AC energy to your home’s electric box. Electricity is then dispersed through your house as normal.

4. Excess electricity is fed to the grid.

If your system is tied into the grid, energy runs to and from the grid, and excess energy produced by your panels will make you money.

Check if your home qualifies for solar.

Only 1 out of 3 homes qualify for solar energy.

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