Solar Loan &
Upfront Purchase
With Define Solar

Despite a large initial investment, a solar loan has the lowest long-term cost to purchase and benefit from solar panels.

Isometric solar panels

True Energy Independence

With Define Solar, there are two ways to pay for a solar panel system that you own outright: an upfront, cash payment and a solar loan. A cash purchase of a solar panel system is the best way to maximize your savings from solar. We can show you how!

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Own Your Energy

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill from the moment you turn on the system. Using solar financing, a grid-tied system can pay for itself in about 9-12 years.

Expert Solar Support with Solar Care

We’re here for you every step of the way! From paperwork to permits, our experienced Solar Care Specialists can support you through all aspects of your home solar system’s installation. Learn more about Solar Care and see the Solar Installation Roadmap.

Eliminate Energy Bills

When you buy it, you own it. After the terms of your loan are satisfied, your solar panels and the increased property value become part of your home. Current systems are incredibly reliable, and your home’s value is secure.

Solar Loan & Purchase Benefits

With a solar loan or cash purchase, you’re eligible to receive any federal or state rebates and incentives for the solar panel system. You will start saving money the moment you turn the system on, and you will be responsible for the maintenance of the system.

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