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Define Solar offers a variety of solar installation incentives.

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0% Financing for Qualified Homes

Define Solar understands that financing is an integral part of many solar installations, and we can guide you through the different financing options available. 0% Financing is available for qualified homes!

Solar loans are a great financing option when you want to purchase a system but don’t want to pay upfront. With Define Solar’s financing partners, you can finance the entire cost of your system in exchange for a lifetime of savings on your energy bills.

$1,000 Friends & Family Referral Bonus

Want to give the gift of clean, reliable energy to someone you know and love? Refer Define Solar to your friends & family and you’ll receive a $1,000 check once they install!

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Federal and State Solar Incentives

100% Tax-Free

This tax exemption allows a 100% exemption on all major solar energy equipment you purchase for your home, which means you’ll save 7% before a panel is even installed.

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New Jersey Net Metering

Sell excess electricity back to the grid at retail rates! Net metering provides homeowners a way to earn credit for the excess energy their systems produce.

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Property Tax Exemption

Going solar will increase your home value but you’ll pay no additional property taxes for the solar panels you install on your roof for that added value.

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Federal Investment Tax Credit

The incentive for owners of residential and commercial solar systems provides a solar tax rebate of 30%.

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Transition Incentive Program

The program allows New Jersey homeowners to generate one Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) for every 1,000 kilowatt hours of energy produced. The savings over 15 years can be substantial.

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There are other NJ solar incentives available! Our knowledgeable team will find the best programs in your area to maximize your solar savings!

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Healthy Home Essentials by Delos Living

In today’s challenging times, a healthy home is a right, not a privilege. That’s why each one of your solar installs includes $500 worth of products from the Healthy Home Essentials Package, powered By Delos Living. See other solutions from Delos Living.

Shower Infuser
This Shower Infuser reduces skin-drying chlorine in shower water.

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Air Purifier
99% reduction of airborne viral load down to .007 microns.*

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Sound Scape
This white noise machine’s 8 natural sounds help you fall asleep easier.

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blue cartoon couch with delos wellness air purifier

Check if your home qualifies for solar.

Only 1 out of 3 homes qualify for solar energy.