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Define Solar

What Sets Define Solar Apart?

By April 1, 2022No Comments
Architect Designing Solar Panel Installation

In 2022, it’s easier than ever to get started on your solar journey. With a wide variety of options for your solar needs, it’s easy to dismiss Define Solar as just another solar company. However, we are confident that the experience of working with a quality team differentiates us from the rest.

1. The Personal Touch

Define Solar was built on the idea of working closely with people, and our team remains dedicated to it. From your first phone call until after your panels are installed and beyond, we guarantee our service to be nothing but the best in the business.

2. Experience that Matters

The Solar Care team at Rhythm is composed of experienced, knowledgeable solar experts with years in the business. Whether it’s technical support, questions about saving with solar, or how solar energy works, we have the answer, no matter where you are on your solar journey.

3. Partnership with Delos Wellness

Because of our exciting partnership with Delos Wellness, everyone switching to solar with Rhythm receives a Healthy Home Essentials package to enhance health and well-being. You’ll receive a Shower Infuser, Intellipure Compact and Sound Scape after your solar installation.

Making the change to clean energy has never been easier with Define Solar. Visit our How Does Solar Work page to learn more about the process.